Larry Yes / at Magazzino Parallelo
Larry Yes / at Magazzino Parallelo

14 novembre / i Mercoledì del Magaz

Cosa c’è di meglio, quando le temperature si abbassano, di gustare insieme qualcosa di buono e genuino in un’atmosfera accogliente? Ogni settimana assaggeremo le proposte di una diversa realtà locale: cibi del territorio, bio e km0.

► dalle 18:30 inizio dj-set a cura di Morris in Sfruffoli – Selezione musicale che attacca.

► Piatto del Magaz a cura di Equamente Cooperativa Cesena
La Cooperativa Equamente è un’organizzazione senza fini di lucro che lavora per promuovere un diverso modello di sviluppo economico, ambientale e di relazioni attraverso la diffusione del commercio equo e solidale. “Bottega del Mondo” in via Carbonari, 20 – Cesena

► ore 22:00 LERRY YES

Larry Yes is a socially-engaged artist, songwriter, and musician whose work focuses on positivity, humor, and fostering social bonds through creativity. In his nearly 30-year musical career he has collaborated with Michael Hurley, Mirah, Josephine Foster,Sonny and the Sunsets, Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession). The Blue Flowers, The Art of Flying, Bob Corn, Pink Widower, The Yogoman Burning Band, Six Foot Sloth, HItting Birth, Apegrave and more.

He has Played shows with Donovan, Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnston, Low. Toured Europe Multiple times played the Quiet Music Festival and SXSW. Other projects include the Optimist Club an experimental instrumental musical liquid Light experience with artists Toussaint Perrault and William Rihel.

“Free Art in the Park,” a public party/art therapy session that invites the public to create art in a social setting,and “Positive Words” a community-sourced installation of paintings incorporating uplifting language. His visual art has been shown at PDX Contemporary Art Window Project and the Portland Building, and he has collaborated with the Portland Museum of Modern Art. He is currently obsessed with building 3D rainbows and shaking thee light fantastic with his family and friends.

Larry Yes was born in 1974 in Milwaukie Oregon.
At age 8 he played asteroids with Sun Ra and somehow won.
His art focuses on love and human connection.
He is a native Oregonian who lives in Portland.

Come sempre, ingresso a offerta libera, tessera Arci obbligatoria.